Monday, May 3, 2010

Before We Go On...

...a brief message from me, the originator of this blog. If you're a follower of my main blog, Random Acts of Geekery, you may recall that in my "Cool Stuff" and "Monster Mondays" posts I sometimes refer to starting a few volume or folder of photos. I use Flickr for my photo sharing, and until fairly recently (as I write this, back in December of 2008, if you can believe that!), I was limiting myself to about 500 photos per set in Flickr (a way of organizing photos). With today's posts, I start on Volume 8 of the Posters, Lobby Cards and Stills sets I have in Flickr.

But you may have already seen some of these before... my pool of photos is used for not only the Random Acts of Geekery, but also my Frankenstein, Dracula and Godzilla blogs (which you can find on the "Family of Geek Blogs" list on the left). So some of these may have appeared in one of those four blogs (including the Random Acts) before, as they've come up in other Flickr sets (most of my photos on Flickr are in multiple set folders).

When I start a new volume of photos here, I first alphabetize the set I'm working from (in this case, as I said, Volume 8... I've been compiling photos for Volume 9 already as I write this, over a year before it posts), and then I start going through them, posting them alphabetically. If I have only a few photos to go with a movie, I will often (as you've seen already) post stuff from two or three movies in a single day... sometimes more. If I have a lot of photos for a movie in that set, I may have one movie featured that day.

But sometimes, I may only have one or two photos. When that happens, if I've never featured that movie before, I'll go ahead and do a post with that smaller number of photos. But since I also provide an Amazon Associates link to DVDs of the movie (if they exist), I'll check the posts I've already done for the same movie, and copy and past the HTML for that for the new post (in the case of new posts, anyway). But sometimes I'll find that I'd done a previous post for a movie with only one or two photos... and then I'll add to that post, rather than create a new one.

There've actually been times when posting stuff from Volume 7, that I've ended up posting photos for four or five movies in a row by adding them to previous posts, instead of making new posts! So you may have seen some of the Volume 8 photos already. Not that I'll be repeating them in this blog.

At some point in the future, it's possible I may end up finding fewer and few photos of posters, lobby cards, stills and pressbooks for movies to post here, and I may end up doing some new combination posts featuring stuff I've already shown before, just all in one place.

But that should be a long time before I have to do that!

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this little insight into how this blog is created!



  1. Enjoy them all, here and on the other blogs!